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WHOIS History Lookup: 6 Illustrative Use Cases

Today’s lesson is about history.


Specifically, about WHOIS History Lookup and WHOIS History API.


Both are tools for tracking historical WHOIS records of domain names to find out how their ownership has changed over time. We’ve been doing it for more than 10 years and have compiled more than 300 million active domain names, 1 billion history domain names, and 5 billion historical WHOIS records in our database.


Everything is available to our users.


7 Slightly Unexpected Use Cases of Bulk WHOIS

The Internet has created plenty of opportunities to launch websites and run ventures, yet achieving transparency and accountability online is more complicated than ever in today’s digital landscape. Pretty much anyone anywhere in the world can buy any domain name — leading to situations where identities get blurred and giving scammers plenty of opportunities to plan and execute multiple types of cyber attacks.


Fortunately, publicly available information such as WHOIS records includes details of domain owners and registration activities to help businesses and entrepreneurs find out who is actually on the other end of the web.


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Beam me up to WhoisXmlApi Enterprise, Scotty!

Just the way the USS Enterprise made Space exploration possible in the sci-fi series Star Trek, we at WhoisXmlApi are excited to provide a vessel in the vast space of domain investigation, with our latest endeavour, Enterprise Packages: to help explore new actors on the Internet, to seek out and curb cybercrime, to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Setting up a whois database from WHOIS XML API data

This is technical blog describing how you can download bulk data from a data feed subscription at WhoisXML API, and how you can use them to set up a local Whois database on your server.


Our starting point is that you need data for some domains in files or in a database, for a given period of time. We describe how to achieve this goal in two Sections: the first one describes how you can access and download the data you need. The second one describes how to set up a database from the downloaded data, ranging from relational databases such as MySQL to other, noSQL storage methods, such as MongoDB.

The use of Whois databases in practice and research

This blog explains, without completeness, how you can make use of Whois data, especially in a form of a Whois database in various areas of marketing, IT security, etc.

In the present blog we give a holistic overview, of at least a part of applications of WHOIS databases. As a practitioner or a researcher, you can broaden your insight get some inspiration and possibly find new ideas and starting points for further study.

Whois API LLC facilitates download of archived historic whois database in parsed or raw format.

Whois API LLC offers whois database downloads of major GTLDs like .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .mobi and .edu. Both partial and complete historic data downloads are available. Database dumps would be received in either MySQL format or as CSV files.


(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 29, 2012 )Los Angeles, CA — Whois API LLC facilitates the download of whois database in parsed and raw format as per the requirements of their clients. This database is an exclusive online repository of information regarding the domain names. The data is made publicly available to facilitate various purposes. The information is used for cyber security analysis and fraud detection. Information regarding specific domain names can be collected with the help of the reliable service providers.