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Introducing the Next Revolution in Cyber Threat Intelligence!

From the onset of WhoisXmlApi, we have had the privilege of building a close association with the Cyber Security industry. With over a decade of experience in the analysis of domain Whois data and continuous interaction with our valued customers, we are really excited to venture into direct Cyber Threat Intelligence exploration. Presenting to you Predictive Reputation Scoring API, your trusted source for domain, IP address and name servers risk analysis.


At present most Reputation Scoring technologies track domains that are malicious and based on their activities assign a score to them. They, however, do not predict and help defend cyber crime, as domains are scored only after they have exhibited some illicit behavior.

How to Protect Your Domain Name

Domain names represent the online identification of individuals, businesses, and organizations.? Rising cyber security threats have time and again proven that individuals and organizations must protect their virtual assets against a range of threats or circumstances that may result in temporary or permanent loss of their domain name.


The threats a domain owner faces can be both external as well as internal. An external attack would be when a malicious entity tries to gain unauthorized access to a domain name registration account in order to control a domain name or to alter Domain Name System (DNS) information associated with that domain name. An internal threat can be in the form of a failure to renew a domain name, which can also result in the loss of your domain name.

Moving Beyond Whois – Introducing Website Classification Database

At, we take great pride in developing products that can help our users in their various undertakings, from investigating Cyber Crime or brand fraud, to competitive research, domain management and acquisition. Data points that add insight to individual domains and connections between them are especially helpful, and we are constantly trying to provide data that can add value to our users’ research!


Our Whois products and services, provide intelligence about almost all the existing TLD’s . As useful as this information is, however, there is much more that can be learned about a domain by going beyond the data in the Whois record itself.

Manage Your Domain’s Whois Database Downloads Effectively Now!

If your business requires historic Domain data on a large scale, opting for Domain Database Downloads?is the perfect solution. While the database dumps provided by is well parsed and provided in popular MYSQL or CSV files, fishing the required data from the plethora of information in the database can be a little cumbersome!


Understanding our customers need for streamlined and fast fishing, we have partnered with WhoDat,?in order to help companies that prefer not to invest in creating a back-end infrastructure for Database Downloads. WhoDat works as a front-end for data, providing an interactive, pivotable application for analysts to use while performing research.